Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Unit-ed We Come Up With More Bad Puns

Looks like the yanks have the aging mulleted one. Normally I'd be rooting for a broken leg in these situations. But I actually hope they all stay perfectly healthy, and still lose. I want chaos in the yankee clubhouse, or Steinbrenner getting way too involved and screwing things up, that kind of stuff, as long as that two hundred fifty million gets them squat in the end.

When George finds out that the Mets got Beltran (which seems to be a strong possibility), he may flip out. How sweet would that be? It was assumed as fact that the yanks would get Beltran this off-season. And now their little brother team might swoop in.

I'm looking forward to a great year, with the Sox taking an early lead, then, backed with the knowledge that they are the defending champs, actually hold that lead and go on to a nice repeat. Either that or just get the wild card, and watch the yanks fold with Kevin Brown and Jaret Wright blowing huge games in October.


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