Monday, January 17, 2005

Terrible Job, Mike

In the late nineties, my friend C.A. used to imitate Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's favorite expression, "terrible job." His impression of the Doggy was so poor, I must say, that I really didn't even know that he was imitating anyone when he'd refer to someone's poor play in, say, a Nerf football game, as a "terrible job." (I also must not have been listening to Mike & the Mad Dog much at that time.)

Anyway, it took years before the saying caught on with me, but by mid-2001, anyone who knew me knew what I meant when I'd say "TJ," or the even less time-consuming "teej."

And by last year, I had a friend who'd started a band called "Terrible Job."

I don't know if TJ has peaked yet. But I definitely still say it a lot, and Mad Dog himself is still using it fairly regularly.

When I started doing this blog, I decided to not use the phrase too often. I figured it would confuse people who don't know Mad Dog, and would just be another ripped-off sports phrase to people who do. But I can't hold back any longer. You may have noticed it's been seeping into my writing lately, and now I'm just gonna bring it out in the open. I apologize to myself for hiding who I really am: A "TJ" sayer.

Terrible job, me. TJ Maxx. TJ freakin' Cinnamon's.


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