Saturday, January 08, 2005

Stat Of The Year

Number of .300 hitters on the Red Sox in 2004: Three.

Number of .300 hitters on the yankees' "Murderer's (Cai-) Row" of 2004: Zero.

Too bad I can't call them that any more. Now I guess it's "Muwdewew's Wo(-mack)."

Actually, one hitter on the yanks hit .429 in 7 at bats last year, the since-traded Dioneer Navarro. And John Lieber went one for three. Non-qualifiers for the Sox were Nomar and Trot in limited action with the club. Also note that the Red Sox won the World Series, while the yankees definitely did not.

26 to 6
thats all i gotta say

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