Monday, January 17, 2005

"Phobos Is Safe"

"The shows" were back after a long hiatus this Sunday. (Simpsons, Arrested Development.) They were good as usual, not enough David Cross as usual, but I have to say something about Family Guy. It's finally coming back to network TV. FOX showed two old episodes on Suday, either to get us ready for the new episodes, or to see if anyone's watching this time. Because every other time it's been on, it's ended up being cancelled. And then everybody goes out and makes it the number one DVD of all time.

So, everyone, as a Family Guy fan since literally day one, I implore you to watch the damn show. If everybody loves it, why can't we keep it on the air?

Also note that I may not have my facts sraight. I know the guy who created FG has a new show coming on, and maybe the FG reruns are just leading into this other show. And maybe FG always gets cancelled because Jesus people complain. I don't know, somebody fill me in. Either way, TJ by FOX.

Great moment from Simpsons: Homer's at the employment agency, and when he tells the guy behind the counter what kind of job he's looking for, the guy starts typing, and we see a shot from behind him, and he's just playing a video game on his computer. Wow, that sounds so much less funny when I describe it.


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