Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's Still The Offseason

My Girl Scout cookies came in today. (I order them from people at work who have kids. Female kids, specifically.) So I was psyched--until I saw the box that I had bought for my now ex-girlfriend. That was a sad moment I hadn't counted on.

But fear not. There's good news. I get to eat them all.

You know when you're working with dry ice, and, alright, when you see it on TV, and the steam is all thick and floats along really fast, and you say, "Cool, it's like fog," but you're just saying that because fog is the closest thing you can compare it to, even though fog's not really like that? Yes? Well the fog outside right now actually looks like that. It's the coolest fog I've ever seen. I guess when you get a foot of snow one day and 60 degree temps the next, the snow has to go somewhere. It really looks like the world is on fire.

That reminds me of an un- to moderately-interesting thought I have: Wherever you go, people will tell you how "crazy" the weather is there. "Nothin' like that New England weather." "This is California, you don't know what's gonna happen." "That's Florida weather for ya." And when I was in Nebraska, they had T-shirts that said "Nebraska: Nice one day, Ice the next." So my message to everyone would be: Settle down. Weather's weird everywhere. It's your SUV's fault.

The one place that's supposed to have consistent weather is Seattle, with its constant rain and dreariness. But when I went there, it was 80 and sunny every day.

Oh, and I was away from my computer last week when SoilSpaniels said that Delgado was about to sign with the Sox. But I heard about it, so a quick "terrible job" to that site for another classic.

I just saw "Da Ali G Show" for the first time last night, and I was laughing in an out-loud manner. (Sorry, I can be up to a decade late on these HBO shows since I don't have HBO.)

Isn't it odd, with the unbelievable tastiness of Girl Scout cookies, and their being nearly universally loved, that someone hasn't said,
"You know, I'm gonna make these available 24/7, so I can make some serious cash."

I mean, I'd buy Samoans, Tagalongs and the 'Original' ones every day. My GOD.
OK, but that fog was something else. I have to drive across a couple of significant bridges to get to work. Over water, the Narragansett Bay here in Rhody. In the early morning, when it's still pitch dark. And with that crazy fog ... surreal experience.

Lots of fun, though.

Weather good, weather bad.
Those three types of cookies are the three boxes I got. Samoas (which you called Samoans, like you get a bunch of Tony Rocky Horror's in the box) have always been my Number 1. Thin Mints used to be my Number 2, but have been easily surpassed by Tagalongs. And the "plain"--I assume you mean Trefoils, those are the ones I got for my ex, but they may stay as my Number 3 from now on. With those I take two of them, turn the flat sides in, and put chocolate chips between them, and microwave for about 11-12 seconds.

About the fog, I saw on TV a horse race from that day at Aqueduct. It was great, the caller had no idea who won and you could barely make out some horses for like 5 seconds at the beginning and end of the race.

Let me tell you something, when to Girl Scout cookies come in they need to be hidden from me. After a long day of school I have been known to get a glass of milk and pound to boxes, of the somoas of course. And I really just got the craving for cookies writing this...

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