Tuesday, January 25, 2005

An Evening With Larry (Not The Three's Company One)

I was flipping through the few channels I get tonight, and saw Larry Lucchino behind a podium. Turns out the Connecticut Network (CT's Public Affairs Network) was showing the Middlesex Chamber Meeting, which featured Larry. (Middlesex is one of CT's eight lovely counties, and one of two with the word sex in it's name.)

So Larry, the practiced speaker that he is, talked, without stopping to breathe, about the usual stuff, like the ownership group's goals for the team and the park. Here's some stuff I jotted down:

At a meeting with Bush and some owners in '02, Georgie said to Larry, "You just hired a 28-year-old GM, he better be good." Larry replied, "Hey, he went to Yale."
The so-called Prez: "Strike two..."

He insists that soon people will be asking to have people from the Sox do appearances with the second trophy.

He couldn't stress that enough. He said the organization has an internal motto for 2005: "Any group of schlemeels can win once."

To find the spelling of that word, I googled "Laverne Shirley lyrics." (An alternate spelling is "sclemeel.")

When asked about "the ball" (yes, unoriginal people were allowed in), he said they've changed the name of it to the "final out ball" and are talking to Doug's agent about a temporary solution to the problem.

For the Q & A, Larry gave out gifts. The better the question, the better the gift. One kid said he was skipping school and asked Larry if he could sign his absense note.

When talking about the events of July 24th, Larry used the phrase "...Varitek decided his catcher's mitt should meet A-Rod's chin." He noted it was in defense of Bronson. But still, it's so great how he can just laughingly make fun of Slap-Rod getting his ass kicked.

It's definitely good to hear Red Sox management continue to talk about how Connecticut is a part of RSN. Seriously, before these guys bought the team, I never heard of, say, Haywood Sullivan doing anything in Connecticut. I see Larry every time I turn around, and both me and my mom have had the chance to speak directly to him on separate occasions. Then again, they did buy the team in the modern internet world, where we hear about every minor event. But still...I feel they really are serious about my state, even though NESN still truly shouldn't be called NESN until ALL of New England is allowed to se it.


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