Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Doug Gone?

The New York Daily News seems to think the Red Sox have traded Doug ______ to the Mets for a single A first baseman named Ian Bladesofsteel or something. See article here.

They say the deal will be announced today. And 'steel is the fourth rated prospect in the Mets organization.

I would have asked for more from the Mets since everybody knows they need a first baseman. But, of course, I trust Theo, and I'm sure this, like all his other moves, will somehow end up with us getting ten great players for absolutely nothing.

[Edit from later this same day: "Doug Gone" was not an attempt at a play on the phrase "dog gone." Had I noticed how close it was to that, I'd have thought of a new title. But it was really early (a rare pre-work post) and I had to run, which I'm glad I did, since the half foot of snow doubled my drive time. Terrible job, Ma Nature.]


Another take on Bladergroen. And for his stats:

Although I'd also like to know about his glove. If he's got a good one, that would make a real difference.

OK, I guess I'm only upset that they traded Monkeyshitz for prolly the one person in baseball whose name I'm going to have more trouble spelling than I do with ... umm ... Mintyfresh.

The top 3 in the Mets' farms (Wright, Petit, and Milledge) are considered no-brainers. Anyway, there was a rumor a week or so ago that Theo HAD been asking for Petit. Think high. Well the Mets might be dumb, but not that dumb. Dammit. Oh well, can't hurt.

I'm a little unhappy that we're getting a 1Bman. Those are easy to come by, with 1B being one of the easier defensive positions to play. But the kid is young with some obvious talent. And we free up some chump change in the process.
as a newly disgruntled mets fan, i can tell you that blade is way above average defensively and his offensive numbers are obviously good. he had 74 rbi in 269 at bats before damaging ligaments in his wrist. assuming he is recovered, i think boston has joined an ever-growing list of teams to take advantage of big enos and little enos wilpon.

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