Saturday, January 22, 2005

Dirt Dog Throws Cy Young Under Horse-Drawn Buggy

Is GossipPooch that pissed at Pedro that he needs to call Bill Clemens the best Red Sox pitcher in history? Fatty may have 7 Cy Youngs, but Cy Young was Cy Young. And of course I'd take Pedro over Roger, and none of us saw Smoky Joe Wood pitch, but I'd take him, too. I feel like there's some kind of pro-Clemens movement churning in the undergound of Red Sox Nation. I don't like it.

The inaccurate one has been pissing me off in general lately. Look at his headlines about Mirabelli. He makes it sound like Doug M. is doing the bus-toss on the other Doug M. But then you read the article and the crouching Doug M. says he thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

Then he's got more headlines about how Doug M...z is this evil person basically. I saw him interviewed on NECN news last season and he seemed like a wacky, cool guy. I still say he has every right to that ball. It's not like he took the trophy or anything. And everything he said about his kid's college tuition was him being a goofball. Terrible job by Shaughnessy for making something out of nothing.

Then last night I was watching Channel 30 News (Hartford) and they showed highlights of the trophy tour hitting their studios. I guess they got the nod for giving us all those Friday and Sunday games from the TV-38 feed back in the 80s. So of course the one thing they show from the visit is Lucchino answering their question about---I can't believe I'm about to say this word--"ballgate." And he talked about it all serious-like, saying that Doug is smart and will cooperate. Or something. The point is, this is really stupid.

Then dirt dog puts up a story about a sports book wanting to get the ball from Doug in exchange for 4 years of a Florida State education. I read this as DD's bookie getting some press on his site. TJ.

It's gonna be intersting to see if DD mentions anything about the ID card thing. He'd have to say, "I have this friend who signed up to be in RSN, and he got an email about..." Becuase I got a talking email from Theo thanking me for "joining," etc. And apparently I'll get a chance to be in a random drawing which then gives me a chance to purchase some tickets before non-members. Also I get 10% off on Sox merch, but surely someone will post the secret password on SoSH and everyone else will get it, too.

Oil Can to make minor league comeback.

One of the Sams anwered the last quiz, saying that "Sox Supporters" were "garters." You're way off. They were a specific thing. I'm thinking no one gets this.

Alright, I gotta go make snow devils outside.

OK, who cares about the ball? Who cares? Why do we care? Why is this still a story?

I mean, it would be a nice thing to have, but frankly it doesn't mean all that much: I refuse to agree to see that ball muscled away from Mintyfresh. It's not right. It's his, he keeps it, unless or until he decides otherwise.

Besides, I'd rather have the ball that Johnny D hit for a homerun. THAT's the ball that really won us the World Series. I don't hear anybody squawking about that. CHB? Lucchino? Anybody?

I'm still not buying the Membership card. Although I hafta say, that's cool about being able to buy tickets early ...

And I don't know what you had in mind, but I want a recount on my answer "garters." It fits the question, although it might not be the answer you intended. But it fits the question. Do you give partial credit?

But I'll submit another answer: Royal Rooters.

What is this, "one of the Sams" business? I can't speak for the other Sam, but as far as I know, I'm the only Sam who writes for the Devil Rays and roots for the Red Sox. In fact, I'm probably the only person in New England who roots for the Rays and Red Sox, and I doubt you'll find too many folks to fit that description anywhere outside of Ft. Myers.
Well there was a comment from a different Sam, saying that there were two Sams. So the comment that just said the word "garters" really could have been from the second, non-Devil Rays Sam. Anyway, Rocco Baldelli fans also root for the Sox and Rays...

There is partial credit...but you're not getting any. The quiz did say you can't just define the term. I'm thinking of a specific thing. Royal Rooters--no.

It's something so rare, I don't know if anyone will figure it out.
I was the Sam who made the comment about there being two Sams. That other guy ... has only made one comment, as far as I know.

Rocco fans ... hmm. Don't know if that counts.

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