Monday, January 31, 2005

Check Out The Big Brain On Brett

Dirt Dog is so full of crap. He calls the RSN Membership thing a "scam." His proof of this is a message board thread on which someone says they're not happy with their experience attempting to buy tickets. Then a few people write in saying they agree, then a few say they disagree. This means the whole thing is a scam? I think I'm going to write to him and tell him how I got field box seats for the first time in years solely because I paid my $9.95. But then I think life is too short to deal with this guy. Why the hell is he so worked up about this? I'm sick of people ripping the owners who just brought us a World Series Championship. What word is out of place in this sentence: "I want the Red Sox to win the World Series, AND..." (Hint: it's written in all capital letters.) I wish the perro grande would give some credit where it's due, and stop asking for everything to be exactly as he wants it. And as someone on that same thread mentioned above said, you know the guy can get tickets whenever he wants, he never really has to sit in the virtual waiting room...

In more positive news, I like what this woman is doing with her Red Sox and other stuff blog, Empyreal Environs. I've taken to calling it "That Ha-waiian Burger Blog," because she's Hawaiian. See Pulp Fiction if you didn't get that joke. Anyway, she's a good writer, does some really funny stuff, and I hope she's not offended by my crappy little joke. Also, I learned from her site that Sammy Sosa slugs almost .800 against Schilling. I guess I should make my feeling known about the Orioles getting Sosa. Uhhh...terrible job, O-bags. He might get 40 dongs over that little left field wall, but he doesn't exactly do anything for your pitching staff.

Why did I just write that directly to the Orioles, as if they might be reading this? I guess I do that a lot. Terrible job, me. But I'm not gonna stop doing it.

Hamburgers. The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

Thanks for the shout out, Jere. I heard about your blog through Tim, of BS Memorial Stadium. I was actually inspired to do a "Movies That Must Happen" thread on because of your takes on pop culture. It didn't quite take off, but it was fun to start anyway.
Ahh, Empyreal Environs, my portal to Hawai'i (is that the know-it-all enlightened way to spell it, Empyreal?) from icy NYC.

As for DD- you know, he moderates those boards. Those "testimonials" though, about the failure of the RSN pre-sale and the awful VWR, had about as much credibility as the good reviews on posters for "Baby Geniuses 2".

He really is just an asshole, up and down. I don't know why people still go there (why I still go there), especially since his calling card- those sources- have seemingly left him to make bullshit guesses and blame ESPN BottomLine when he gets em wrong.

I don't think he's been right once.
"Hawai'i" it is. You'd think that the higher-degreed person with whom we are mutually acquainted would know that. Then again, the area and depth of that person's expertise is about the size of a Post-It.

"DD" definitely does not stand for "done deal." More like "dubious distinction." I wonder if the Globe regrets partnering with him. I can't imagine how many of the paper's employees he has antagonized with his petty vendettas.

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