Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Unseen TV

When I first saw The Brady Bunch Movie (the 90s one), I saw the Greg character (Christopher Barnes, NOT the same Chris Barnes who played Tanner in The Bad News Bears) and said, There's that guy from the cheesy 80s sitcom Day By Day.

When Courtney Thorne-Smith got famous, I said, That's that girl from the cheesy 80s sitcom Day By Day.

When Seinfeld started, I looked at Elaine and said, There's that lady from Saturday Night Live...and, of course, the cheesy 80s sitcom Day By Day.

While watching the Seinfeld DVDs yesterday, one of the "notes about nothing" mentioned Julia-Louis Dreyfus' role on Day By Day, and said it co-starred Thora Birch. Thora Birch? Yes, me, Thora Birch. She was the six year old girl on the show.

How many more people are gonna come out of that cast? Am I going to find out that a young David Ortiz played the wacky Dominican neighbor?

Am I the only person who watched that show. It came on '88, was on Sunday nights, NBC. Around the same time as Eerie, Indiana, Mark & Brian, and Our House. And that one where the girl had two dads--My Two Dads, that's it. And Alf, and Valerie. That was a weird era. Even then I got the feeling that no one else was watching these shows.


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