Monday, December 13, 2004

'Underwhelming' Is One Word

"How much would you play to have a Don Orsillo call of the World Series final out on file over Joe Castig's under whelming call (which was more fitting for a Twins win in June)?"

Ripping the man whose voice has comforted me almost every summer night since I was seven years old? This time it's personal. (Like Jaws the Revenge--although I always thought they should've said "sharkal.")

The man was probably in a state of shock at the time, like the rest of us were. We should be glad he got any words out at all. I think it was a fine call. He could've planned some cheesy line ahead of time, but he just did what came naturally. And he said what needed to be said.

By the way, why the hell am I still reading BDD? Everything he reports turns out to be the exact opposite of what ends up happening. The other day I wrote how I hoped his source that said Tek and Pedro would be signing soon wasn't the same one who said Pavano was on his way to Philly. I was kind of joking, because I was so sure Pedro was gonna sign with us, but I should have known. Now the "bitch," as the barking grand wizard called him, is going to the Mets. (Although as of midnight, there's still no official word; just that "baseball officials" say this is happening. Are these the same officials who said the Renteria deal was done?)

Who knows. And I've been reading this crazy conspiracy theory on SoSH. It's become a very odd night. And since the thread started, the Dirty Doggy has linked to it, and is almost acting like it's a real thing. I'm so confused. What the hell is going on?

Anyway, I was having a good day before everything turned weird. First I worked on an upcoming book at work today called "Yankees Suck!" Cheesy at times, but good. I thought, You know you have a good job when your boss purposely gives you "Yankees Suck!" to work on, with a note on it that says, "I knew you'd enjoy this!" Especially when they should be giving people books that are the opposite of their interests, so they'll actually get some work done.

Then I went outside for a break, and I saw an old truck driver. (The guy was old, not the truck). He saw my Sox hat and said, "Go Red Sox." Always suspicious of possible sarcastic yankee fans, I just kind of nodded and said "All riiight!" But he started a conversation. "I don't follow baseball that much, but yankee fans are just the worst people there are. Them and Cowboy fans." Preach on, brother Beavis, I thought. He went on to talk about how bad Steinbrenner was, and how him and his money are ruinning sports. It was great to meet a smart person out of the blue like that.

So it was a pretty anti-yankee day. And I guess if Pedro does become Shea-dro, well at least he's still a rival of the yanks. I'd go see him at Shea. It's really crappy that he won't be there on Opening Day to get his ring. You'd think he'd want to stay just for that. Oh well. It's not official yet. And hey, Just Dessert Dogs says it's official, so it's probably not happening. But we'll see.

The truck might've been old too ...

Pedro a Met. Man, who would've thought? I don't think he'll like New York, but you know what, best of luck to him. I hope he keeps mowing 'em right down. Especially the Yankees. June 24th through 26th AT Yankee Stadium. I'm sure it'll be a blast.

Why do you keep reading BDD? Apparently, the barking grand wizard (like that) is your nemesis, in some way ...

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