Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"The Streak"

Wow. The Silva-Toothed Hound is on fire! As soon as I saw on his site that Renteria was returning to the Cards (thanks to the awesomely clever "Not In The Cards" headline), I pretty much knew, if nothing else, that Edgar WASN'T going back to St. Louis. Sure enough, ten minutes later, it was "Welcome to Edgartown," signifying the Red Sox had signed Renteria. The inaccuracy streak continues. He's uncanny! I wanna go to the casino and stand next to this guy at the roulette table and just bet red whenever he bets black. Donde esta la renteria?...Where is the shortstop? By the way, I had to google "Edgartown," although I kind of figured it was a Mass thing. Is the Edgartown Ferry like the Staten Island Ferry of Boston or something?

What's even funnier is that the source of the incorrect info was the St. Louis version of dirtdogs: Some dudes who say that their inside source told them something that turns out to be false. Only they pay off for their mistakes! If Mud Pup played by these rules, we'd be owed millions! I want my money back! A-Rod never really wore that red suit and Red Sox hat!

And why is it that the brown man who helped bring the Red Sox a World Championship gets treated like crap and called a bitch, but the white trash guy who helped bring the yankees a World Championship and said he wanted to blow up Fenway Park gets happily welcomed aboard? This is total bostondirtdogpoop.

yankee fans are so jealous today. They all put on this facade of "I'm so happy the Mets got this scumbag who's not good anymore, and Bawston lost the great Pedro!" (notice how they've got it so the Mets got a bad player and Sox lost a great one, but its the same guy.) But in reality, you know they'd all LOVE to have Pedro, and not only did they not get him, but their "real" rival (depending on the day) now has him. So now the Red Sox and Mets could end up being better than them. They are acting confident, but trust me, the Empire State Building jump patrol is on full alert tonight.

Mike & the Mad Dog had their big 15th anniversary party tonight. Torre was on and basically said, If you look at my record before I came here (to where the good players were), it was nothing.

So he knows.

And Kay today, (also mega-jealous of the Mets, whose staff is way better than the yanks, who recently committed the biggest choke job of all time and watched as the Red Sox won the World Series, although he claims he never wanted Pedro for his team, (whoops, I mean the yanks, he's a "neutral" fan) but he was lying) was joking that the Mets signed the "Fat Elvis." He said other things, his usual crap-- guaranteeing Pedro will break down. Man, I am so psyched to see Pedro do great for the Mets, and just shut all those yankee fans up. Because they REALLY don't like it when good things happen for the Mets.

Saw the Pixies in Manhattan last night. Wish everyone I know could've been there. Glad I got a chance to at least see the reunited version of this awesome, highly influential group. NYC was so frigid last night (we parked 20 blocks from the venue, and I only had my sweatjacket), that me and my friend who went with me decided that we'd rather be shot than have to lay down on the sidewalk. I guess that doesn't make sense unless I preface it with something. So... while walking up 11th Avenue, I thought I heard gunshots. I said, "If someone is shooting at us, rather than hit the freezing deck, I'll just take my chances that the bullets will miss me."

When Anthony commented on my terrible decision to not wear a heavy coat, this funny exchange took place:

Anthony: "How could you not bring a coat??"

Me: "Because my girlfriend broke up with me, so there's no one there to take care of me and tell me when to bundle up."

Anthony: "You're a grown adult!"

Me: "Ha!"

At this point, though, I think I've crossed the line where I've gotta go for the "coatless" winter. (Wait--winter hasn't even started yet.) I did it in, like, '96-'97 I think. I think it makes you healthier. Yeah. Hold on while I blow my nose for the one thousandth time today...

I saw three Red Sox hats at the show, zero yankee hats. Pixies fans are intelligent folk.

How can you say that. Of course ARod wore a Red Sox uniform. Where do you think DD got that nice picture?

*blank stare*

For the record, DD critized Pedro (black) but welcomed Wells (white), but there's another logic too: the white guy is coming to Boston, the black guy leaving.

Of course, there's always going to be another logic. If BDD were openly racist, no one would visit his site anymore.

Anyway, jury's still out on that. I've got my eye on him, thanks to you.

Good observation about the Pedro Switch (ie, Sox legend, Mets bum). Now THAT's something I'll accuse BDD of doing. Today, Pavano is coming to Boston, so he's the Second freakin Coming of Christ. Tomorrow Pavano decides to join the Yankees, so he's PavanOverrated. What gives there?
Also not very consistent of BDD to gush over Renteria signing for the Sox for a huge FA contract, thus slapping down the hometown team, while considering Pedro a traitor for leaving for more money. Sometimes it's like people only like the players who've done nothing for the Sox (like Renteria - well, unless you count making the final out of the World Series) because that way they're blameless...
Good call.

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