Saturday, December 11, 2004


Lots of new Red Sox all of a sudden.

Mantei. Nice, just stay healthy, buddy.

Renteria. Sweet. The guy who made the last out of the Sox first WS win since '18 leads Sox to repeat.

Halama. Born in Brooklyn. Middle name Thadeuz. Lefty. Sounds okay to me.

David Wells. Lefty. Good pitcher.

Moving on, I was buying a speedboat today and...whoa whoa whoa--David Freakin' Wells??? Mr. I Wanna Blow Up Fenway Park? On OUR team? I just don't believe it. This will take a LOT of getting used to. (i.e. You're not allowed to lose a game, "Wellzie." Not one.) Of course, yankee fans must be pissed about this. And that makes anything in the world worth while. (Evil laugh.)

According to dirt dogs, a "source" says Tek and Pedro are about to sign. I really hope this isn't the same source (his butt) who said Pavano is DEFINITELY going to the Phillies. (Pavano later narrowed his choice down to five teams, none of which was the Phillies, and has now signed with the yanks. I guess he wanted to pitch for a choker. What are ya gonna do?)

Check out this thread on SoSH, turns out Sox fans aren't as pissed about the ID cards as dirt dog says we are.


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