Sunday, December 26, 2004

F'n S

Simpsons and AD were reruns tonight, but the Simpsons was the "blackened dessert dogs" episode.

I saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou again today. I think I've placed it at the top of my all time list. I just can't think of a movie that's better.

Here's an odd thing to pick to discuss about this movie. There's a character who says "F'ing," because she wants to stop the habit of swearing, since she's about to have a baby. I think this is hilarious. I think it's way funnier to avoid swearing. Swearing's kind of like the easy way out. It's like saying "I can't think of an adjective." Sometimes it can work, especially if you wait for your moment. I personally really only bring out the big guns when talking about something I can't stand. (Sift through this blog and you'll notice the F-bombs really only drop when I'm talking about the yankees.) Even that right there--"F-Bombs"--much funnier than saying "fuck's." Granted, abbreviating a word isn't much more creative than just using the word, but at least it can make for some variety and hopefully some comic results. My friend Brian will sometimes say "F that S." I think that S is hilarious! One time I saw this book that tried to show how abbreviating swears is a big wuss-out. The author though they were so F'n cool, acting like they were so hip to just say the word, instead of dancing around it. But now with Life Aquatic leading the way, I think the world is switching over to my side.

No I don't. I'm totally full of shit.

See? You throw it in when no one expects it to get the full effect. If I'd said "shit" ten times in this rant, that last one wouldn't have meant shit.

Now that one wasn't as effective, because I'd just used it.

Shit. This is going nowhere.

Not effective at all. Totally fucking overused now. Overuse is shitty.

Well, you see where I'm going. So, yeah, go see that movie.

Heard it was good, wanted to see it. I'll add your review to the heap of glowing praise.

For a shining example of the overuse of cursing, read The Soxaholix a few days running. Love the site. Hate the cussing. After a while, the cursing just becomes ... filler.

I have nothing against cursing. In fact, I myself frequently curse just for good measure--because it might lower bloodpressure or something. Still, enough is enough sometimes. And the worse part is that his Sox strip can be really funny some days, and the cursing just kinda kills it.

Oh well. What can ya do?

Loved Conan article, btw. Have you seen this commercial?

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