Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Employees Who Stole Christmas

My next quiz was going to be: Predict when the stockings come down off of the Monster. Well I just just checked the "View From My Office," to see the last 48 hours transpire at Fenway in five minute intervals. On Thursday, at 9:45 AM, they start to come down. By 12:45 PM (yes, it took THREE hours (?)) all the stockings are gone. Just in time for Christmas. I kind of felt like I was watching the Grinch in action. I thought I'd see a bleary-eyed, footy PJs-wearing Manny Ramirez emerge from the door in the wall, awakened by the commotion, only to see his stockings being snatched by Grinches who, unlike the real Grinch, work in daylight and take their sweet time. Then one of them would climb down the ladder, tell little Manny Coo Koo that he's taking the stockings to a repair shop on Lansdowne Street, and give him a bottle of Poland Spring water, which Manny puts in his back pocket as he walks back into the wall and goes to sleep. Maybe somebody could photoshop that in or something.

So I'll have to think of something else for the quiz.

[If you're reading this after 12:45 PM on Christmas Day, you don't get to see the stocking removal, as instacam only shows the last 48 hours.]


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