Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Are We Back On That Again?

WCBS radio reported all day today that the Randy Johnson trade is imminent and could even happen today. Somebody just tell me when it actually happens. How is this even news? There's no "almost" news. There's just news. And there is no news to report.

If they get the tall unattractive one, it'll be that much sweeter when they don't win. Just like I said a hundred times last year. And if they don't get him, we get to say "Poooor Georrrrge." And they still won't win.

This tsunami is pretty crazy, huh? We're at 9/11 times 25 in terms of death toll now, and with all the contaminated water that's supposed to double. Those poor people. They didn't even know it was coming. Bush, or someone from the US government, said that there was no way of warning them, but someone on Pacifica radio pointed out that had they just announced a warning on, say, CNN, thousands could have been saved.

The company I work for has a bunch of workers over in India. I feel bad that I didn't even think of them until I saw an email from them taped to our fridge. It said that they're a few miles from the water, so they're okay, but some of them lived even closer to it, and it's a total disaster where those people live. Water is scary.

Despite all of our instant communication and superfast methods of travel, it's still a pretty big world, if you think about it.

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