Friday, December 03, 2004

Answer To Quiz #10

The last Red Sox player to win the World Series MVP was Luis Tiant in 1975. But it wasn't the World Series MVP, it was the Babe Ruth Award, which was only won twice by a member of the losing team. The last Sox player to win the World Series MVP was...nobody, because that award wasn't given out until well after 1918.

Danny gets, uhh, half credit on this one.

What's up, Jere?
hey, just for ha ha's, I live in New Bedford, Ma. We have a strip club called Foxy Lady here, sister club of the one in Providence, RI and Brockton, Ma.
A few years ago one of the managers was Danny Tiant, Luis' son. He was pretty cool, they carried 'El Tiante' cigars, I think I still have one at home, it had a small picture of Luis winding up to pitch on the band. Kind of a long post, but I thought you might find that interesting. Next Quiz?

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