Thursday, November 11, 2004

"You Didn't Tell Me You Were Gonna Kill It!"

Fittingly, the guy from the Chicago area got the Blues Brothers-related Quiz right: Candy ordered Orange Whips for everybody. The weird thing is that he answered at 10:28 and 57 seconds AM, the same time--to the second--that yesterday's correct answer came in. What's up with that?

Speaking of drinkin' and whatnot, as it turned out, the Sox won the World Series and I still didn't have a drink. And if that didn't do it for me...

Today, a thought came in to my head: "The Charlie Brown Halloween special must be coming up soon!" Then I realized that we're almost halfway through November. It just went to show me how wrapped up in those playoffs I was. (Not that I didn't know already). I mean, to not have anticipated a Charlie Brown special--in any season, that's out of control.

At the Super Foodmart today, I saw a little three year old kid with a Pedro shirt on. He looked up at me in awe, probably thinking I was on the team since I was wearing my Manny jersey and my hat. I loudly said, "Yeah, all right. Sox!" He thought that was pretty cool. And his mom thought it was pretty funny, too.

Anyway, I heard Pavano's meeting with the yanks went "fantastic." But that's meaningless, he's not going to the yanks. I definitely wouldn't mind having Pavano on our side, and as a bonus, he's from Connecticut like me.

Quiz #6: What does Joe Castiglione often refer to the Blue Jays as?


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