Friday, November 26, 2004

Tofurkey Day

The natural reaction of most American adults to getting a weekday off is: "Oh my god, I can watch the Price Is Right!" This morning I woke up, flipped on the tv, not even thinking of TPIR, and heard a soothing voice saying the words "Helena-Reubenstein Foundation" and "Sears Roebuck Corporation." Those names sounded familiar for some reason. Then I figured out why when the Mister Rogers theme started. I realized I hadn't seen old Fred for quite some time. So I sat there and watched Mr. Rogers change his jacket and shoes. Then he called a dude named John Costa. Costa said Fred and his neighbors (me) could come over to his son's house, so John Jr. could show us all how to make spaghetti. I got to thinking how Mr. Rogers was pretty important to a lot of kids. And I think I've figured out society. The people that cut you off in traffic, and screw other people for their own personal gain, and don't care about people that are less fortunate than themselves, well those are the people who didn't watch Mr. Rogers.

It's good to see that they're still showing reruns of "The 'Hood."

So that's what I'm giving thanks for. People who teach kids to be kind.

It was a good Thanksgiving this year. I got to see my Sox fan cousins, and my yankee fan cousins. There was lots of good natured (ha!) ribbing throughout the day. And my dad finally got to give the toast we've all (some of us) been waiting to hear our whole lives...


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