Monday, November 22, 2004

Quiz #8 Goes On...

We have an answer for Quiz #8 (What Red Sox player wore #7 and had vertigo?). Someone called Danny guessed it was the subject of the movie "Fear Strikes Out." That'd be Waterbury, Connecticut native Jimmy Piersall. His book was made indeed made into that movie. He didn't have vertigo, he had bipolar disorder. But the man who portyayed Jimmmy in the movie was Anthony Perkins, who also played the lead role in "Psycho," which was a film by Alfred Hitchcock, who also made a film called "Vertigo." So you get some credit for that, heh heh. Also, Piersall wore #2, 24, and 37 with the Sox. (He also wore 37, 34, and 4 for other teams, never 7.)

So the Quiz question is still on the table.

Good guess, Danny.

I'm very psyched about the Nirvana box set out Tuesday.

And surely you've heard the most ironic news story of the year: There they were, minding there own business in the woods. Suddenly, shots rang out, and eight of them were dead.

Deer everywhere are laughing their asses off right now.

Hey everybody, let's stop ALL the killing, okay?

I have another guess. I was tooling around red when I got bored and jumped to google.

Is it Nick Esasky?

if it is, sorry I cheated and used google.

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