Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Quiz #5

Award-winning (I gotta assume) thespian Alan Hale, Jr.'s often disgruntled, always optimistic, brave and sure old sea captain was known to his fellow castaways on Gilligan's Island as "Skipper." But Skipper's given name was Jonas Grumby.

Someone named Mike wins Quiz #4. Congratulations. I was thinking that I actually will give out a prize, but not for each quiz. Whoever wins five quizzes (you have to be the first to answer correctly to get a win)will win the grand prize. The current leader board: The Bosnian-1, Mike-1, Anonymous-1. And one quiz had no winner.

Quiz #5: (this should be easy) What drink does John Candy order for himself and the other cops in The Blues Brothers?

"Orange Whip? Orange Whip? Three Orange Whips."

Red Sox Nation proud, currently displaced to Chicagoland

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