Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A Quick Word To The Mets And Their Fans

First of all, thanks for your anti-yankee energy this post-season.

Secondly, you've got a manager to name. And Willie Randolph seems to be the top choice. But from what I've been hearing, you fans don't want any part of this ex-yankee (and ex-Met, I might point out).

Now I know Willie was a cheatin' bastrd in his day, a Jeter prototype, if you will. But think this thing out. You want to do better than the yanks, right? And the yanks always take players from other teams, right? And because of yankee mystique, aka blind-ass luck, they always come back to haunt their old team, who they often didn't do shit for, making the yankees look like geniuses, right?

So here's my plan for you. GET Willie Randolph, and make yankee fans watch as your team battles them for bragging rights, with THEIR favorite son at the helm of the Metropolitans. Just do it. You've got nothing to lose.


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