Monday, November 29, 2004

A Noble Spirit

Click here to see the grass back on the field at Fenway.

I guess the futuristic drainage system is in place. Click "Time-lapse" to watch the the events of the last 48 hours unfold. Looks like they had the grass in little rolled up sections, and they slowly unrolled each one. Watching this reminded me of various cartoon characters who have literally painted themselves into corners over the years.

It's cool how you see the grass get replaced, but it's a gray day, so you can't really tell if it's actually grass--until the lights come on, and you see the brilliant green appear. Good to have you back, outfield.

So I guess the field is supposed to be a foot or so lower now. I wonder: Will there be a step down from the dugouts and bullpens? Or will there be some kind of slope there? If so, that would kind of cancel the whole drainage idea, so probably not.

And not only will the height of the fences embiggen, but it will be harder to rob homers in right field. And more importantly, what about the people (myself included, usually) who wait for baseballs down the right field line during batting practice. Up until now, you could reach down and grab a ball as it rolled by where the fence is at its lowest. Won't be so easy now. I'll miss that.


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