Thursday, November 04, 2004

The New Me

You know how in Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man/Junior Pac-Man/Super Pac-Man, you're being chased by ghosts, but when you eat a power pellet, you become instantly invincible, and the ghosts run from you?

Well, living in yankee-land, I feel like the moment the Red Sox won the World Series, I finally ate the power pellet. It's like the B on my hat now emits a special glow that renders yankee fans harmless when it hits their retinas.

I've seen only a handful of people actually wearing yankee clothing since the Series ended, and not one of them, NOT ONE, has made eye contact with me. I feel like a different person all of a sudden. I used to cringe when I'd see a yankee hat coming my way, afraid of the insults I'd soon be hearing. But the tables have turned. Now its like I'm some overlord, and when they see me, their eyes just hit the ground immediately. As I see them approaching, I get all psyched, raise my head high, stick my chest out, and stare right at they stare at my feet. It's quite empowering, heh heh. I just can't wait until that first one tries to say anything to me. That's gonna be fun.

And it's so cool to see other Red Sox fans, and celebrating with them right there in the pasta aisle at Stop & Shop. Red Sox fans rule. I even ran into the same person twice while buying Red Sox T-shirts a week apart, in two different stores that are miles away from each other. (I told this person about this blog; I'm wondering if they were scared away by my incessant ramblings about Rich Gedman and communism--oh, right, I hadn't actually gotten to communism yet. Ignore that.) I'm just so happy for everyone that has supported this team for so long, and can now say their team is the World Champion.

Hey, did you know that the Citgo sign is being repaired? I saw it on parade day, and a lot of it was torn off. Maybe they'll fix the lights, as they've been all F'd up lately.

I think of all the awesome (and lame) shirts I've seen over the last week, one really summed things up. It simply said: YANKEES SUCKED.


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