Saturday, November 20, 2004

Keeping The Early- To Mid-Nineties Alive

Saw J Mascis at North Six in Brooklyn last night. That dude plays LOUD. My ears survived, because I had plugs in, but my head didn't fare so well. But this headache is completely worth it.

You may remember J Mascis from his old band Dinosaur Jr. Now he plays solo shows, and as "J Mascis & The Fog," with two other dudes, which is what I saw last night. It was so cool because they played so many Dinosaur Jr songs that it may as well have been a Dinosaur Jr show. They played "Freak Scene"! If you were an early 90s music fan, you know this song from the video "1991: The Year Punk Broke." Most Mascis songs have this underlying sadness to them in the way the music and the vocals sound, but they're totally rockin' and loud and energetic and make you feel happy. It's weird.

Seeing him always brings me back to the good old days of bands that were cool while not being invented by some record company. I like how J just keeps on going, doing what he wants to do. His long black hair is now long gray hair, but his youth lives on in his music.

I like musicians that keep doing things, long after major labels think they're "unmarketable," even though they probably never cared about that anyway. Like Sonic Youth, Bob Mould, Kristin Hersh, Mike Patton, Les Claypool, people like that. I could probably see one of these people every few months or so for the next ten years. It's sweet living between New York and Boston.

I saw one Sox fan last night in Bklyn, gave him the thumbs up, we were both psyched. Not a yankee fan in sight. I still haven't seen any yankee fans make eye contact with me out in public. The magic ray is still eminating from my "B."


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