Sunday, November 21, 2004

It Begins

Finally, a random yankee fan opens his mouth to me. And a whole lot of crap falls out.

I was just at Stop & Shop, and while the cashier was ringing me up, he said something about "...even though you're a Red Sox fan."

"Hey, we're World Champs," I said to the young cretin.

He stuttered out something to the effect of, "Six Championships make you World Champions?"

I don't even need to comment on that one.

Then he starts saying how "if Pedro goes to the yanks, it'll be the curse of Pedro."

"If." I'm hearing that word a lot from the dark side. Funny how since their old argument about dead people haunting the Red Sox has been proven wrong, they now have to say things like "And it'll be another 86 til the next one," and they try to conjure up "new curses." I mean they used to be able to rub in how we hadn't won in a long time, and they had that right. But now that we've won, all they can come up with is a whole lot of "what if's" about how we'll automatically have another long drought. I'm thinkin' the smarter move for them is to just keep their mouths closed. There's nothing that they can say right now that's going to change which team is the World Champion, and which team choked worse than any team ever had before.

Babe, Bucky, Buckner, Boone, 1918?

Bullcrap. Big F'n Deal. 2000.

Life is sweet.


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