Thursday, November 04, 2004


As you know, I'm a huge fan of legendary Red Sox catcher Rich Gedman. Number 10 was an All-Star in the 80s and memories of him handling the pitching staff and taking wild helicopter-like swings will live in our hearts forever. Being a native of Massachusetts, and having grown up rooting for the team he'd later star for, it's fitting that the Red Sox have shown Rich some loyalty, inviting him back to Fenway on several occasions.

Now I'd heard that there was a Duck Boat full of Red Sox legends at the parade. I somehow missed this, despite being right up front AND videotaping the parade. I'd seen Johnny Pesky, which was awesome, but the other ex-players I wasn't aware of at the time.

Then Pat tells me that Gedman was part of the Red Sox legends group! So I checked my videotape, which I hadn't watched yet, and sure enough, seated right behind Pesky, was Richard "Rich" "Geddy" Gedman. I guess I was so focused on zooming in on Pesky, I didn't realize there were other greats around him.

So now I've got great close-up shots of Pesky and Gedman, rolling down the street, as part of the World Champion Red Sox. I think Gedman should get a ring as well! Let's make this happen! Gedman in '08! (For manager. Do I hear player-manager?)

Edit: I'm in no way associated with the website selling Rich Gedman autographed baseball cards. I just needed a picture of Rich, and that was the first one I came across. (But J. H. Christ, do I need to tell you to buy that card?? Autographed Gedman!)


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