Tuesday, November 16, 2004

For My Files, I Guess

I saw seventeen Red Sox games in person this year (which is probably more than I saw at my house on TV, what with being snubbed by NESN and MLB, and not having been allowed by my landlord to have a dish). Fourteen at Fenway, two in Toronto, one in the Bronx. The team went 11-6 in those games. Not bad. Not as good as '03, though, when I went like 10-2 or something, and the schedule allowed me to get to Pittsburgh, Philly, and Baltimore, as well as NY and Boston; I'll have to recap that year at a later date for you, since I know you're dying to know the score of each and every game I saw.

But now, I give you, my 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox live experience, in a beetle shell.

4/17 vs NY W 5-2
4/28 vs TB W 6-0
5/12 vs CLE L 6-4
5/13 at TOR L 12-6 (yes, I saw a game in Boston one night, Canada the next)
5/14 at TOR W 9-3
6/9 vs SD L 8-1
6/12 vs LA L 14-5
7/7 vs OAK W 11-3
7/22 vs BAL L 8-3 (Game 1)
7/22 vs BAL W 4-0 (Game 2)
8/14 vs CHW W 4-3
8/28 vs DET W 5-1
9/15 vs TB W 8-6
9/17 at NY W 3-2
9/22 vs BAL W 7-6 (12 inn.)
9/25 vs NY W 12-5
10/16 vs NY L 19-8 (ALCS Game 3)

Total Runs: Red Sox 101, Opponents 98

HRs I saw: Manny 4, Ortiz 4, Tek 2, Damon 2, Millar 2, Bellhorn 2, Trot 1, Mirabelli 1, Youk 1, Cabrera 1, Nomar (sniff) 1.

Starters w/appearances (record): Wakefield 5 (1-2), Schilling 4 (3-1), Arroyo 4 (0-1), Pedro 2 (2-0), Lowe 1 (0-0), Abe Alvarez 1 (0-1).

Pat & I have probably seen Wakefield pitch one million times. It's amazing, we'll see two games that are three days apart, assuming we'll get two different pitchers, and Wake will end up starting both games. We've definitely gone through phases of "Not Wakefield again!" and "Sweet, Wakefield!" and "Wake again, eh, better than Rolando Arrojo". I remember my first time seeing him, during his amazing first summer with the Sox, when he couldn't lose. It was the day Jerry Garcia finally kicked the bucket, vs. Cleveland, and Wake did great. I think it was the last win of his streak that year. My Uncle Bubs got me pretty sweet seats that day.

Baseballs I got: Brian Daubach BP homer at Skydome, David Newhan flipped ball to me at Fenway.

World Series Parades attended: 1.

Times I saw the trophy (after tomorrow): 2.


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