Saturday, November 27, 2004

C'mon Doog

Looks like we'll be resigning Mirabelli. That's key. Doug's cool. Next move should be to wrap up our starting catcher, Jason Varitek.

I see articles every once in a while about how the Red Sox have a chance to get Beltran. I know he's a great player, but as far as I'm concerned, we've already got a center fielder. One who was key in making this team World Champs. To go out and get the big superstar at every position would be dumb. The yanks have done it, and proved it doesn't work. All those Brosius types led them to WS victories, and now that Steinbrenner has his claws sunk in the team again, he's just overspending--and not winning. Theo's style has given us the ultimate prize, I hope he just keeps doing what he's been doing (and I'm confident that he will.) By the way, I'm 100% positive the Sox won't be getting Beltran, but I'm just saying, I keep seeing these articles, and I get this little tiny bit of worry that our ownership might get enticed, and make a huge error.

I'm still thinking the Sox will get Pavano, despite dirtdog's source in his lower intestine that claims he's "definitely" going to the Phils.

Went to Mohegan Sun last night. No question what team has claimed southeast CT, if we hadn't already. Although there were a bunch of yankee fans, but as is the new trend, not much eye contact from them. Actually, no eye contact. None. Collective Soul was playing in the Wolf Den. Always great to see crappy bands being forced to play a free show at a casino. I always imagine the singer of these "deep voice" rock bands as having had a regular voice originally, but then when they heard Pearl Jam, they suddenly started imitating Eddie Vedder. Terrible job, Collective Soul. And Stone Temple Pilots. And Creed. Speaking of making fun of Creed, how hilarious was it to see their sorry-ass lead singer singing God Bless America at Game 4 of the World Series? Possibly St. Louis' most pathetic moment of the WS. I knew we had the Series won right then.

(The title of this post is from when I played Little League. We had this kid Doug on the team. His mom would come to every game and yell "C'Mon Dooooog" whenever he was up. Quite annoying. And burned into my brain forever, I guess. You know now that kid as Doug Flutie. Just kidding.)


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