Friday, November 05, 2004

[Any yankee Hitter] Don't Pitch

Today's big rumor is that the yanks are interested in bringing back Tino Martinez next season. I say go ahead. And bring in Beltran, too. You can only have nine bats in the lineup at one time. As long as the guys they bring in can't pitch, I'll be happy. And I wonder if the Sox will look into making Leiber an offer, after what he did to us down the stretch. Apparently the yanks declined his option, but still want him back at a cheaper price.

I also heard a few days ago from Mike Francesa that Varitek wants 5 years, $50 million. But today on, an article about Tek says he'll want 3 to 5 years, and they didn't give a price.

Also, here's a rare article about Sox radio announcer Joe Castiglione.


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