Monday, November 01, 2004

Another Day In Crap-a-dise (I Gotta Move To Boston)

Today, Michael Y2Kay closed his show by pretending to be clueless as to why the Red Sox or their fans would even think about the yankees while celebrating a World Series win. (Varitek's quote about Sox fans being proud to go into the big toilet bowl in the Bronx, Manny holding the Jeter sign--which he took from a fan, but Y2K decided not to mention that--,etc.)

When he asked his co-host and ass-kissing buddy about it, the guy said it was because when you're a loser, you're always a loser.

What a great opportunity for Kay, the self-described "neutral fan," to say, "Did you just call the Red Sox losers within a week of them winning the World Series?" But Kay just nodded and smiled (I could see it through the radio). He just manipulates the listeners, it's really bad. Surely he doesn't think yankee fans are sitting at home saying, "Why would these Red Sox fans show any kind of disdain for us? Preach on, Michael!" But there are lots of dumb people out there, and he makes them believe what he believes. Even when he knows what's going on, but pretends like he's apalled and in disbelief. Anyway, the show ended right after that, without any chance of callers saying anything about it. I can't believe that guy is on the air, let alone has his own show, let alone gets a month named after him on that shabby radio station.

The other night I went to a show at a bar, and the door guy was wearing a Red Sox jersey. I gave him the "Alright Sox!" and he said, "This is my Halloween costume." I kind of looked at him funny, waiting for some type of explanation. He started to give one, but then someone interrupted, and I just walked away. I hate dumbasses like this. I wished I was back in Boston at that moment, as it was the same day that I'd been at the parade. Another time that I went to a bar this year, a similar thing happened. The bartender had a Patriots shirt on. When he made fun of me for wearing a Red Sox hat (remember, this was during the curse era, heh heh) I said, "You like the Patriots but not the Sox?" (Which I have no problem with, I'm not a Patriots fan myself, but come on, chances are, right?) To which he replied, "My girlfriend made me wear this." Again, I just walked away. This is yet another reason why I don't like bars. They seem to attract pieces of crap who don't take kindly to me-types. It's like they see a quiet, weird-lookin' dude like me and take the opportunity to rip on me to prove they have a big schlong or something. F those yankee-loving m'er-f'ers, who just happen to wear the clothing of New England teams RIGHT AFTER they win championships and then have to admit that they don't really like those teams. I just don't get these people. There's a guy at work who's a yankee fan and a New York Giants fan. But the day after the Super Bowl, he wore a Pats shirt. Maybe these people are losing bets or something.

Anyway, after my little chat with the dude the other night, I really wished I had taken the advice of a friend of mine, who suggested a costume where you dress as a yankee player with a bat shoved up your ass.

I've decided that I'm going to wear strictly Red Sox shirts to work until, well, let's just say indefinitely. There's no way I'm gonna let these yankee fans go a day without having to think about the fact that we won the World Series, and they choked in co-friggin'-lossal fashion. And to the good yankee fans, I'll say to you what a drunken dude said to me at yankee Stadium when I was a kid: "This is what the rivalry is all about, when your team wins, I expect to hear you giving it to me." And the scale has been tipped your way for years and years. So it is proverbially on.

In real life, I try to go the Gizzandhi route as much as possible. No revenge necessary, just let the A-holes get theirs,'cuz they will. But in the Red Sox-yankees baseball fan world, which is a big part of real life, I say it's no holds barred. I love my yankee fan friends, but they're just gonna have to put up with me now. They know that.


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