Thursday, October 07, 2004

Win (The Consolation Prize) Twins

Like I said, they're rarely easy, these big games--but it's a good sign when you can win a nail-biter by five runs!

How key was the Varitek dong?? And Cabrera with the hit of the game. And Pedro, no surprise at all to me, did fine.

But all I heard and read today was how the "never-say-die yanks" "found a way" to win again in a "classic comeback." Terrible. They won because: Nathan couldn't find the plate for two at bats; The Twins have fallen into what I call "Timo Perez syndrome"--thinking some rookie you brought up at the All-Star break is gonna be a star in the playoffs just because he had a few good months, meanwhile, when they're in yankee Stadium in October, you know they're gonna be swinging at pitches over their head like the Little Leaguer that they are, when all the team needs is a fly ball!!!!; and

Oh yeah, Jacque Jones is a fucking moron. At first I was ready to make fun of his pathetic, half-assed attempt at a throw to the plate from VERY shallow right field. But then I heard that he said he "wasn't thinking about Derek Jeter on the play." You know, if these teams had any brains at all, maybe nobody would ever have brought up the term "yankee mystique." Who the hell was he thinking about, the guy on first??? I heard someone on the radio today say that either way, Jeter scores on that play. I say give ANY outfielder in the history of baseball that play, and they gun the guy out by ten feet. (Without using the cutoff man. Grrrrrrr.)

And I feel really bad for people who have ESPN, but NOT ESPN2, because they missed the first HOUR AND A HALF of the Sox game due to the yanks going extras. You'd think this would be organized a little better--actually, this seems about right.

And can ESPN stop showing artsy angles and just show me the game. When they show a pitch from up behind the plate, WE CAN'T TELL WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

I had a feeling that those clueless yankee fans (at least the ones I work with) would be under the impression that THEY were the ones who stayed up late last night. I was right. When I got to work, I told one of them how tired I was, and they said, "Oh right, cuz of extra innings." Eh, actually, no. When your game ended at *eleven thirty*--poor thing--I then watched seven more innings of baseball, before going to bed at 2 am.

But it's okay! We're up 2-0! If the yanks wanna squeak out some more magical bullcrap wins, fine, bring 'em on!
We are so ready for those bastards this year. (But in the meantime, Go Twins!)


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