Thursday, October 28, 2004

What's New?

I'm psyched for the parade on Saturday. There won't be a rally, though, for safety concerns. Instead, it will be a "rolling rally," where the players talk to the crowd while they're driving down the parade route (on Duck Boats). The mayor said they're going into uncharted territory with this. I don't know, if safety's the big concern, which it should be, is it really the time to venture into uncharted territory? And does the term "rolling rally" remind anyone else of "bullpen by committee"?

Hopefully Pat & I get a spot. We'll see what happens. We could be talking ten million people here. We could be talking "The New York State Thruway is closed, man" style crowds.

By the way, if you looked for me at the Riviera, that Sox bar in NYC, on TV during Game 4, you wouldn't have seen me, because I didn't go like I said I was going to. (I didn't want to risk getting there late from work, and be stuck on the street.) Also, you probably don't know what I look like. (But my parents said they were sure they saw me in the crowd.) They told me that over the phone, because while I was at their place, to watch the game without any yankee fans around, and to get a sweet view of the eclipse, they were on vacation! The Red Sox in the World Series, and they leave the region. Terrible. But since the whole "being with family" thing didn't work out in '86, maybe we all needed to be together by phone only to get the win. Also, when Johnny had a triple and a homer, I was thinking "lunar cycle." But I'm a geek like that.

Mike and the Mad Dog were both way-too-pissed off that Fox showed shots of Sox fans from NYC during the game. Mike just doesn't want to believe that there are so many Sox fans right in the yanks' backyard. He was so stunned by how many Sox fans there were during Game 7 at the Stadium. "They kept multiplying as the game went on." Anyway, he referred to the "yahoos" at the Riviera as "twenty Red Sox fans around a table." I've been there, it's hundreds of fans with more outside that can't get in. There are 8 million people in NYC. A lot are Red Sox fans. And with Boston not being allowed to have cameras in bars, Fox showed another bar where multitudes of Sox fans gather. Francesa kept saying, "What about New Hampshire? Show me a place in New Hampshire!" A good point, had he been saying it because he truly cared about the people of New Hampshire. But he was really just mad that New York City is NOT comprised solely of yankee lovers. Oh, also, he may have been a little upset that the RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES!

Man, this is never gonna get old.

And no, spellcheck, I don't want to replace "psyched" with "pussycat." Actually, you know what? Fine. I'm pussycat for the parade. Whatever. We're World Champs.


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