Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Torre's Big Mistake

While on my way to Fenway for Game 4, I was listening to Curtis Sliwa on 1050, NY's ESPN radio. That's right, the same Curtis Sliwa who hosts a daily right-wing talk radio show and is the head of the "Guardian Angels." For some reason, he was doing sports talk. He's basically a yankee fan who bashes the Red Sox constantly, in a way that New Yorkers probably find charming. (And I'm guessing he was a Mets fan in '69, '73, and '86, if you know what I mean.) Talk about a man NOT after my own heart. Anyway, I listened to him until I was in range of Boston sports talk, as every other station had football on. So a lady called up, a panicking yankee fan she was, and said,"I think Torre should wait to pitch Mussina until game 5, because if we lose today and tomorrow, we have our ace to fall back on." Of course, a team would never do this. You play to win, you don't concede a game. And as it turned out, the yanks were up 3-0 going to Game 4. And Torre did exactly what the lady said. It was Mussina's day, why the hell didn't he pitch him? Go for the kill, Torre, come on! He's been in panick mode basically all season, and he proved he was still there even while leading a series 3-0.

And now he's really got something to panic about.

I guess that's the difference between being a Red Sox and a yankee. Ha! (that's called turning the tables, yankee fans)


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