Tuesday, October 12, 2004

T Minus 15 Minutes

Okay, yankee fans, just a warning: When you make your "daddy"-related signs for Game 2, I want to see some creativity and originality. You better not be sitting at home right now thinking, "What if made a sign that said 'Hey Pedro, Who's Your Daddy'?" Just try to think of something a little less obvious. You've had several weeks. And could you consult a dictionary for a change? Or ask a friend if you need some help with punctuation? Come on, I know you've got it in you.

I'm psyched because I've got tickets to Game 4 on Saturday. I had a little problem with uh, not reading the letter I got in the mail that said that 10th Man Plan Members will have a chance to buy ALCS tickets, if their ALDS game wasn't played (mine wasn't). I thought I was just getting my money back, but instead, I'm goin' to Game freakin' Four!!!

Great piece of ignorance by WFAN mid-morning schlub Jody MacDonald today: "Pedro couldn't beat the yanks when he was one of the best pitchers in the game, how can he beat them now?" He forgot about those ten wins, including the classic Trot Nixon HR off Clemens game (which I was at, with thousands of other Sox fans in the upper deck at yankee Stadium), and the 17 strike out game. There were a lot of ignorant statements made today. That was just my fave.

Okay, I have a baseball game to watch now.

So much for Schilling "Shutting Up" 55,000 New Yorkers eh? The Boston Offense may have been able to bring this game close, but, in the end, the Sox best pitcher just got owned.

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