Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sun, Earth, Moon To Align Tonight

I'm not kidding.

Hopefully, a much more important event will occur at the same time.

Pedro is so awesome. Did you hear his postgame interview? He nonchalantly mentioned how he remembered Sheffield saying something when the yanks were up 3-0, but "we just shut our mouths and played baseball." I just imagined every yankee media-type and every yankee fan who bought all their hype seeing that and thinking, "Wow, Pedro just pitched a masterpiece in the World Series. Our guys were the ones that talked, and choked, and their guys are on the verge of winning it all, behind the guy we said was done, only to hide the fact that we wanted him so much. But he probably won't want to play for losers like us next year. God, I'm full of shit." It really pissed me off, but at the same time,made me laugh the day after the ALCS when Michael Backward Kay was yelling, "I don't ever want to hear Pedro mentioned with the elite ever again!" He was yelling like a teacher angry with his class. He was just so frustrated, it was great. F you, Kay, F you to hell. Choker. I still can't avoid the guy, because every time I turn on ESPN radio, I hear him doing a commercial for US Window Factory, or some car dealer, or something. There's one where he says something like, "With this muffler, you can drive around and keep up with the yanks and theMLB playoffs." Ha! It's great to hear him, recorded before the collapse, with that arrogance in his voice. There's also an ad for the NY Fox station's morning TV show that shows highlights of the yanks, saying, "New York's got two favorite teams, the yanks and Good Day New York" or whatever. You know they made that commercial assuming the yanks would hold on, and now they're stuck showing it.

So where's the drama? Are we in for some major heart-pounding events, or is this it? Did struggling through the never-before-seen amazing comeback allow us to get to witness the unheard-of pressure-free series win?

Tonight's game seemed over as soon as the Cards pulled off the play that it seems only the Red Sox could have ever even thought of. Why didn't Suppan just run? And when Buck said, "He's hung up...", I still thought, in that split second, that you can't be hung up when the ball's so far away from you, and you've had like ten seconds to just pick a damn base and go to it! It was funny how Oquendo just gave up on the play, right about the time Suppan actually tuerned to him for some help. It's also funny hearing McCarver say "Oquendo," because I used to have this baseball video where they did this skit where they made it look like Oquendo was playing every position at once, and some of McCarver's calls were spliced together to match the video. "O-kin-do delivers, ground ball to O-kin-do, throws to O-kin-do for the out."

For Game 4 I'm going to the Riviera in NYC. For my friends who are going with me--the bus leaves at 4:00. Meaning my car.

Pressure free series win? Pressure free series win?

The Sox are 2-0 up in the series, Pedro is mowing them down, it's 4-0 in the sixth and I'm cowering behind my sofa mumbling incoherently - "Pujols, Walker, Edmonds" over and over again, while chewing the carpet.

Then Keith "Everyday" Foulke gives up a homer and now it's 4-1, and almost a whole inning to go and I'm gnawing the sofa legs.

I couldn't take a close series, don't do it to me D- Lowe, don't do it to me for the love of God!!

Enjoy the site!!

Damien - posting as Anon 'cos I'm too nervous to get myself a blogger sign in!!
Ed Wade should be the grand marshall at the parade.

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