Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Straight Jacket & Tie

If you happen to be a new Red Sox fan, or if you're only like eight years old, just know that pressure-free playoff wins like today's are VERY rare. Remember this day.

I think we're in good shape. Especially since Pedro goes tomorrow, and the New York media has convinced the world that Pedro's "done." I want a sweep (even though I've got tix to Game 4.)

The yankee game just started. Oh what a joy it is to see those wonderful suits taking up all the seats behind home plate. Man, what the frig is up with those people? Get your god damn suit off before you enter a baseball stadium. Why don't people want to wear comfortable clothes at a baseball game? Your meeting is over! You've made enough money today, rich boy! Put on some sweats, or jeans, or something. We know you're richer than us already.

And I don't even need to mention how the yanks are in Prime Time every time they play. (Making the rest of us have to miss parts of games because we're still at work, or stay up 'til two am.) And those are the only Fox games. So if you don't have cable, anywhere in America, you're considered a yankee fan, because that's all you're getting for a while.


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