Sunday, October 10, 2004

"...One Minute Behind Mine And It's Still Ticking!"

It's fitting that the yanks would win on a passed ball. And what's with Gardenhire taking out Santana after six innings? When that happened, I just looked at the television and said to Ron, "Are you trying to lose the f'ing game?" And then the dude from Fox interviews Santana in the alley, and he says he feels fine! And wishes he was still in the game! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to take on the yanks now. And have a chance to beat 'em head to head, and then every front-running idiot can shut their big mouth.

Okay, I don't know how I'm gonna watch these games coming up, what with Fox's delayed center field camera. It completely messes me up. Am I the only one who notices this? Today, I proved to myself that I wasn't crazy. After hearing the crack of the bat when the pitch was still in the air on the first at bat of the game, I decided to tape some of the action. Here's the deal. When there's a man on first, they show a shot of the pitcher and the runner from high above third base. The pitcher comes to the set, then begins to throw. At this point, Fox switches to the center field camera, and you see the pitcher start to throw AGAIN, follwed by the pitch, then the sound of the bat hitting the ball, and THEN the bat hitting the ball. And by the time they switch back to the non-delayed camera, the ball is already way out in the outfield. I paused the tape right before they cut from live pitcher/runner cam to delayed center field cam. When I saw the pitcher's foot hit the ground as he was about to throw home, I started counting frames. As I'm counting, they switch angles, (the leg is now back up in the air). Eight frames later, the foot hits the ground again. Then I figured out how many frames per second my VCR records. I came up with roughly 32. So the center field camera is on about a quarter-second delay. I know, I lost you at hello, right?

The point is, a quarter of a second is a long time considering how fast the ball travels when it's hit. So it's really worse on the switching back to the live camera, because that's when you're skipping ahead in time, hence missing stuff. Like when Doc sent Einstein one minute in to the future. You just suddenly appear at that future moment. It's quite discerning. The switching from live to delay wouldn't be that bad, except, like I said, for the fact that you hear whether or not the ball is hit just as the batter starts his swing.

I promise you I wouldn't be making a big deal about this if it didn't really interfere with my enjoyment of the game, but it does. Please write me and tell me you're noticing this, too. (They weren't doing it on ESPN, only FOX.)

Terrible job by Hench of Hench's Hardball for writing the article about he Sox called "They're No Angels (Too Bad)" back in April. In it he said we couldn't beat the Angels or the yanks. We're halfway there, buddy.


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