Sunday, October 31, 2004

The October Bellhorn Curve

On October 1st, I was healthy, I had a girlfriend, a perfectly functioning car, and more people than ever going to my blog, as the Sox were headed toward the playoffs.

By October 13th, I had one hell of a canker sore on the back of my tongue that made every swallow so agonizing that I could barely eat, no girlfriend, a car with no heat, and my blog had mysteriously disappeared, while the Sox looked dead, especially as I sat in the bleachers during the 19-8 game.

It's now October 31st. My health, car, and blog are back up to full strength, my band played an awesome Halloween show tonight, and will be moving forward with recording now that there aren't playoff games every night, and much like Pee-Wee Herman in his original HBO special, I'm the happiest boy in the world, because the Red Sox won the World Series. I don't think other sports fans can possibly imagine what it's like for a Sox fan to be able to say those words.

Notice I didn't mention the whole girlfriend thing in that last paragraph. Don't worry, fans of me, it'll all work out. That was my last heartbreaking moment. The next lucky lady will be the one that instead of comparing to the old Red Sox, I'll be able to compare to the opposite-of-heartbreaking World Champion 2004 Red Sox.

[Did I just use the term "lucky lady"? You definitely should've rolled your eyes at that one.]

Jere I'm going to post a comment simply because I want you to see a number down there, and because I want to bend a little bit o' universe your way. The alignments that enable one to walk on water are characterized - often - by either wicked LSD, or benevolent projection. Drinker of water, the world is a lot less crass by you.

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