Wednesday, October 13, 2004

No Public Restrooms

That's right, media members and casual baseball fans, feel free to shop around in here, but no defecating, please.

For those one or two of you who were paying attention to what I'd said about Fox's crazy camera delays, you may have noticed that all sound was synched up with whichever angle was being used. BUT, that center field camera was still on the quarter second delay. An easy way to see this is when Sheffield's up. They'll show a close up of him, then cut to the center field camera for the pitch. Watch as he does the rhythmic bat wagging. Back, forth, back, forth, [camera switches], whoa, it went from back to forth instantaneously!

It doesn't mess me up as much as when the sound is not matched up with the picture, but it's still pretty weird.

Isn't it funny how I asked yankee fans to show some originality, instead of just making signs that say, "Hey Pedro, Who's Your Daddy?" and right away on Fox, they showed a sign that read exactly that. It just cracks me up, thinkin' about those dudes that made that sign, giggling like Beavis and Butt-head. "Huh huh, cuz he said we're his daddy, get it? He heh." "Yeah, he heh."

People make fun of John Kerry with this whole Manny Ortez thing (you do know he's running against the all-time champion of misspeaking, right?) and meanwhile, Tim McCarver, who, as you may know, I don't particularly enjoy, called Bronson Arroyo Brandon Arroyo twice. And he's considered the best color man in all the universe for some reason. Fortunately, Joe Buck actually came right out and told him about his horrible mistake. Much better than the uncomfortable silence or changed topic that normally occurs after major announcing goofs.

Speaking of Buck, well, first of all, if you're a new baseball fan, watch him closely during the pre-game intro, right after he finishes talking and throw it over to McCarver, and you'll see him make a face at the camera that'll make you laugh for sure. He has let up on his old method of listening to McCarver while practically nuzzling Tim's neck with his nose. But he still gives him those loving looks. But hey, that's his deal, more power to him. Anyway, a yankee fan called the FAN today and mentioned that Joe Buck was a "yankee hater." That shocked me, and it shocked Jody Mac as well. Jody then said something that I actually agree with: yankee fans always complain that the national announcers are anti-yankee. And the reason for that is that they're used to Michael Kay, Bobby Murcer, Jon Sterling, Steiner, all these guys that are over-the-top homers, paid by Steinbrenner. So a neutral announcer, to them, sounds ant-yankee, when they're actually just being fair to both teams.

But we Sox fans know that the national announcers ARE anti-Red Sox. Heh heh.

Can you believe the ALCS and NLCS are on at the same time tonight? These people just need some common sense.

Gordon Edes was on Mike & The Mad Dog today, and an interesting thing happened. Edes was talking about how many yankee batters Pedro has hit over his career. Mike Francesa said, "Of course there was that one time he put Jeter and Soriano in the hospital." Now I've written about that before, pointing out how the New York media considers that play as being Pedro "hitting" two batters in a row, injuring them, when in reality, one was a foul ball that got a piece of hand, on a swing, not a hit by pitch. Well, Edes jumped right in and defended the truth! "One was actually a foul ball..." Francesa immediately interrupted him and changed the subject. (I could barely hear Mad Dog start to react to this, like he was surprised, but again, Mike just cut everybody off loudly.) So I was right, the yankee media just wants the truth to be that Pedro is this crazy headhunter whose sole purpose in life is to injure these great yankees.

I just heard the press conference today, and it sounds like Schilling may not come back at all. If they can figure out a way to stabilize his tendon by Game 5, he'll pitch. If not, he gets surgery. Stankonia also said that he brought in Embree (after the "God Bless America Delay") because the Sox closed the gap in the top of the inning. This pisses me off, because unless what McCarver said (New Englanders turned off their sets in the sixth inning), I was still rooting, thinking we had a chance to come back from 6-0. When Wake came in and gave up the homer to Kenny freakin' Lofton to make it 7-0, I was really mad. My point is, I felt like Tito was giving up on the game. And if he admitted that Embree was needed because we were back in the game, then that means he didn't have much faith in the way Wake was pitching, as he shouldn't have. So why not bring in Embree the inning before!? Or leave in Mendoza, who didn't give up a run in his inning. Sure enough, we got seven runs, and at that point it should've been tied, or we should've had the lead. But that's over now, and I'm gonna stop writing and watch Game 2.

But first, another now well-accepted-as-truth lie is that the yanks "own" Pedro. The media has drilled this into yankee fans' heads so much, that every day, you hear yankee fans (who, trust me, only watch baseball in October; it's fun to look for signs of this when certain people speak) saying, "We own Pedro" or "Pedro's never beaten us." The only reason they're saying this is complete ignorance. I'm fully aware that the Sox bullpen has blown a lot of games that Pedro has pitched against the yanks. So say that. Don't say things that just aren't true.


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