Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Message

To all the people who arrogantly stated that "the series is over" when it was THREE GAMES TO NONE, to Mike Francesa, who said if the series goes back to New York, it would just mean a "delay of the execution", to Michael Kay, who may have recently comitted suicide, to Sterling and Steiner, who just laughed at the thought of us coming back, to the FOX 5 NY news reporters, who, after Game 4, started their newscast by saying, "The yanks let the Sox win one game to get it out of their system on the yanks' road to a championship" with huge overconfident smiles on their faces, to all the radio news people in NY who just KNEW the series was over, and were feeling that whole "I'm better than you because the team that happens to play in MY city is winning" thing, to all the yankee fans who've told me repeatedly, "The Red Sox will NEVER beat the yanks! Never!" (to cover up for their low self-esteem), to all the yankee fans who have driven the word "Choke" in to my head to the point where it became a word associated with the Boston Red Sox, and especially to Derek Jeter, whose intangibles would never, ever allow his team to blow a three to nothing lead in a playoff series, and Mariano Rivera, who keeps blowing saves to the Sox (but they're ALL "flukes," right?):

Your team just committed the biggest choke in the history of sports. Shut your mouth, and tip your the 2004 American League Champion Boston Red Sox.

It's kind of sad that a baseball game makies you feel THAT strongly, or that beating the Yankees in ONE postseason series suddenly makes you feel vindicated.

Yep, they committed the biggest choke in sports history(outside of maybe those 2 hockey teams who had also blown 3-0 leads that they kept showing).

But you still have to win the Series don't you? Last year, when Yankees fans said "Losing to the Marlins doesn't matter, we won OUR World Series(with the Sox in the ALCS)" All you Sox fans cried foul. You all talked about how that was just our "justification". And yet, here you guys go, saying the same things, even before the WS is played, as if to pad yourselves(I don't mean YOU specifically, as obviously you haven't put that in this particular blog)..

In Houston or St. Louis.. Your first baseman... David Ortiz!! He of the "hole in the glove"

Hats off to the Sox for a gritty ALCS, and for never giving up. But one series win, does not equal sudden vindication for you, no matter how much you wish it would.

And, just to make something clear, as I am a regular reader.. YOU ALSO(along with every other Sox fan out there) proclaimed this series over when it was 3-0. So if it was "arrogance" on our part, what was it on yours?
Anonymous Chimp,
Whatever anybody thought about the Red Sox chances to overcome a
3-0 + 24 out deficit - the lesson is learned. At the expense of those who thought $185 million would do the trick. How the fuck can any conscionable human get behind that kind of disparity? Shameless. Don't eat the pencil Chimp.

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