Thursday, October 21, 2004


The lies start already, as someone has commented that I said the series was over at 3-0. When did I say that? I was in the stands at game 3, saying that the yanks were wasting all their runs for the rest of the series! Plus, my blog was out of commission at that point, when it was 3-0. And yes, we have a World Series to win, what I wrote last night was specifically referring to getting past the yanks and to all the people who said we couldn't beat them. As for last year, when you said, "At least we beat the Sox," when you lost the WS---that was you being hypocritical, you know it's always been important for us to beat the yanks, whereas you always dismissed us, but then when you lost a WS, you used your victory over us as an excuse to still be happy, when you know that your team's goal is WS win or nothing!

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So now you know how Yankee fans think also! The almighty Jere is now a *gasp* MINDREADER!!!!

Of course we want World Series, who doesn't(except apparently you as you're just happy to get past us huh?)

And I know of no one who said "At least we beat the Sox", cause you do mean about >< to most of us aside from when we're actually y'know, playing you on the field, as opposed to the other way around for you guys.

What I was saying was this. Last year, we went to game 7 of the ALCS and poured our heart and soul in to that series(just as you did this year) and when we lost to the Marlins, it wasn't that big of a deal because we'd already won the "big one" by winning the series before.

Funny how it's "Hypocritical" of Yankees fans to be happy to get through a tough ALCS, and not be all that concerned with losing to the Marlins. But for Sox fans it's OK to be just happy beating the Yankees because you don't think you can beat either Houston or the Cardinals, and here's the real kicker, BEFORE YOU EVEN START PLAYING THEM...

Man, it must suck to be a Sox fan..

Thanks for skimming.
Oh yea, and I apologize.. I read a few of you Yankee hater blogs, and you are correct it wasn't you that was saying it was over it was "The Yankee Despiser". Well, him and EVERY SINGLE OTHER Sox fan/Boston newspaper and so on, except apparently you. But WE were being arrogant by saying it also.
Calm down Chimp. Epic choke, George in diapers and a $100 million boat anchor of "talent" to purge this winter - save your strength. You thought "Hey, 185 million fucking dollars - it's ours baby - 27!" So the Yankees will go $200, $210 million next year and your shameless allegience will stink like your socks. Don't eat paint Chimp, you'll go blind in the eyes as well.

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