Friday, October 22, 2004

Just Some Blabbing Back And Forth

The quoted statements are by the commenting yankee fan.

"It's kind of sad that a baseball game makies you feel THAT strongly"

I think your comments prove you feel pretty strongly about this as well.

"I know of no one who said "At least we beat the Sox"

But later, you say:

"Last year, ...Yankees fans said "Losing to the Marlins doesn't matter, we won OUR World Series(with the Sox in the ALCS)" "

Those two statements imply the same thing. Had you beat Cleveland in the ALCS, would you have said "At least we beat Cleveland" OR called Cleveland your World Series if it had been a really good series?

"But one series win, does not equal sudden vindication for you, no matter how much you wish it would."

I personally never said that beating the yanks in an ALCS makes up for all the bad things that have happened to us against the yanks over the years. But the fact that we came back from 3-0 down to beat you and go to the World Series is a pretty big deal, considering all the times I've heard the word "choke" from yankee fans. And as far as postseason series' go, it's now 2-1 yanks, and we'll probably be meeting again and again and again. My point being that the current playoff format doesn't really tell the tale of what's gone on over the last 86 years.

"So now you know how Yankee fans think also! The almighty Jere is now a *gasp* MINDREADER!!!! "

It's your big mouths that have been providing me with what you've all been thinking throughout my lifetime. And I listen very closely, as you know if you read my writing.

"cause you do mean about >< to most of us aside from when we're actually y'know, playing you on the field, as opposed to the other way around for you guys."

Then how come on the radio today, I heard a report where every yankee fan they interviewed said they'll be rooting for whoever plays the Red Sox in the World Series? Admit it, you think about us. You're thinkin' about David Ortiz right now, aren't you?

"Of course we want World Series, who doesn't(except apparently you as you're just happy to get past us huh?)"

Something I definitely never said. Okay, I really hate the yanks, and I've said a million times how important it is to me that they lose, no matter who they're playing. I've got no problem saying that, whether yankee fans and other Sox fans think that's stupid or not. I think you may be confused since my initial post after beating the yanks was all about that series, and how awesome it was. But do you think that's the end of my blog? Roll credits because we beat the yanks? We're going to the freakin' World Series! We've got a chance to win it, right now, for the first time in 86 years! This is what we've been waiting for. I always say that I hope I see them win it just once before I die. And we're right there. I promise you, I'll be talking about it plenty, but can you let me celebrate the mega-awesomeness of my team winning the AL, by beating my most hated team, after trailing 3-0, in the house built by the very man the curse is named for? For one day? Anyway, you're last quote then gets cancelled out by your next one:

"when we lost to the Marlins, it wasn't that big of a deal because we'd already won the "big one" by winning the series before"

And finally, I don't remember saying, 'Damn, we've gotta play the Astros or Cards next, and I don't think we can beat either of them. So let's just not even play the Series. We beat the yanks, so that'll be good enough.' But according to you:

"for Sox fans it's OK to be just happy beating the Yankees because you don't think you can beat either Houston or the Cardinals, and here's the real kicker, BEFORE YOU EVEN START PLAYING THEM..."

I'm gonna sum this up now. yankee fans, since '96-ish, say "Win the World Series or the season's a disappointment." And Red Sox fans, well, we've always been very mad at the yanks, after seeing them win so much, while we haven't won in 86 years. They always make fun of us for being very concerned about them, while they act like we don't matter to them. But notice how now that the yanks have not won it all for four years, all their fans try to find something else to be happy about. You can't have it both ways. You can't say anything less than a championship is unacceptable and then say it was a good year when you fail to meet your goal. Even Joe Torre said in 2001, something to the effect of, "We had the lead in the ninth inning of Game Seven with the best closer in baseball on the mound. What more can you ask for?" How about three outs, Joe? A near-win is no win at all when you're the New York yankees. Now here's where you see hypocrisy: We Sox fans can take something out of a near win--like the '75 Series, for example. And here's why that's not hypocrisy: You've won 26 titles, we haven't won one since 1918. That Carlton Fisk homerun--that's all we've got, man. That and a whole lot of other great memories that, great as they are, don't include winning it all. You win three in a row, then lose one, and try to act like you really did win. And now that you've not won for four years running, it just seems like you're starting to look for other positives, which, again, to any other team, would be fine, but please, give it 80, no, let's say 30 years of not winning before you start doing that. Last time I checked, the yankee organization is still officially in "All or Nothing" mode, according to their management, players, and any fan you talk to on the street.

By the way, I thought I told all you yankee fans to shut your mouths....don't make me pull this blog over.

"We had four must-win games and we musted." -Curt Schilling (actually a Late Show writer)

Weeeee.... Taking quotes out of context is FUN!!! :)

ALCS 2003 goes to game 7, 11 innings, fans, players, everyone(who cares about the Yankees) pours their heart and soul in to that series, and we win it. Yes, it was made a bit sweeter cause it's the Sox I'll admit that, but yes, if it HAD been the Indians, we'd have said the same thing, because after a series like that, anything else is a let down.

It's sad to see the hypocrisy though, how it's ok for Sox fans to feel that way, but not for Yankee fans. And quit with the "all or nothing" BS, really, only ONE guy says that, and that's Steinbrenner. We Yankee fans may be spoiled, but most of us are far from so spoiled that we feel it's a wasted season if we don't win a World Series. You're getting that from your anti-yankee propoganda sites, and from news articles quoting "The Boss."

As far as rooting against the Sox, again, duh.. It has nothing to do with them beating us in the ALCS, I'd root for an AL team that beat us over an NL team that I didn't like(I rooted for the Angels as a matter of fact), but seriously, what do you expect a Yankee fan to do. Root FOR the Red Sox? That's the height of ridiculousness isn't it? We may not think about you all that much, doesn't mean we're gonna root for ya, I'm not sure how that's some sort of "revelation" for you.
You said earlier:

"...the further behind we get, the sweeter it will be when we win it."


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