Friday, October 29, 2004

In Tents

It's just so comical to hear "Will the Red Sox fans have that same intensity next year?"

I'm already thinking about going for a repeat. I've already renewed my 10-game plan, and I want to be there on Opening Day too. I can't wait until yankee Stadium tickets go on sale, so I can get tix to the first Sox game there. Those'll be easy to get, yankee fans don't really notice when thier team's tix go on sale. Well, enough don't so that we Sox fans can buy a LOT of seats in the Bronx.

I think if anything, the yanks will draw less fans than they did last year. Last year, they weren't selling crazy amounts of tix until they acquired the best player (and slapper) of "all-time." So I think they've peaked attendance-wise.

Speaking of the slap, I'm still hearing yankee fans call up talk shows and say, "It wasn't any different from sliding hard into second base." And the weird thing is, the hosts don't know what to say except, "that's just the rule." What these people aren't understanding is the simple fact that as a baserunner, you can't purposely touch the ball with your hand. It'd be like running to first on a bunt, and picking up the ball and running with it to first so no one can get you out. You just can't do it. Plays on the baselines where you're taking out the fielder would not be fine if while you were bowling someone over, you tried to grab the ball with your hand.

I'm proud to be staying at a hotel in Framingham, home of Red Sox legend Rich Gedman, tonight, so Pat & I can get to the parade brizzight and early.


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