Thursday, October 28, 2004

Exclamation Points Galore!

I just heard that next year's home opener will be against the yanks! They have to see us raise the banner. This just keeps getting sweeter. I'll be doing everything I can to be there as well.

But first, I've got a parade to go to!

You thought the "GO SOX" on the Pru was impressive? How'd ya like the moon turning red as we WON THE WORLD SERIES???

Breaking news--while writing that last line, I just heard, from the TV, the call by Joe Castiglione of the final out, and instantly got tears in my eyes. I feel so happy for that man, as much as I do for anyone else. Too bad Ken Coleman wasn't around for this. But my mom said that she thought it was her father, and her father's father, who learned English by listening to Red Sox games, who turned that moon red tonight. Them and everyone else who wanted us to finally see what they'd seen eighty-six years ago. And my dad told me he'd gotten to the point where he didn't think he'd see this in his lifetime. It took 62 years for him. My 29 is nothing compared to that.

My aunt who was holding hands with us back in '86 called me right after the game, and asked if I'd remembered that moment. I'll obviously never forget it, but now I've got some new memories.

I'm going to bed now. There'll be plenty of time to write. If there is some kind of higher power, tonight I beg of it, please, please, please, when I wake up tomorrow, let this be real.

What a beautiful night. I hope you all went outside and breathed the cold, delicious New England air deep into your lungs.

I am a happy citizen of earth. All the sad turns to happy. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. The Red Sox are number one. My vision is blurring into a different dimension. My head is floating in the air, like the Red Sox balloon I see outside the window, whipping in the wind. My toes are thinking of my old blue rug I had when I was a little boy listening to the Red Sox on the radio. Congratulations to all who deserve it.

A couple months ago they came out with a 'tentative' schedule. it had opening games at fenway vs. yanks and last series of season at fenway with yanks. There's nothing I would like better than watching yanks as we raised banner, but schedule said it was subject to change so we will have to wait and see.


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