Saturday, October 30, 2004

Everyone Loves A Cliche

Just another day for Jere today: Up at dawn, fed the hogs, brunch with the Howell's...oh, and I went to the RED SOX WORLD SERIES VICTORY PARADE.

It ruled, of course. Pat & I were on Boylston, near Fenway Park, about two or three people back from the rail. It drizzed the whole time, but I can assure you nobody gave a crap about that. Cabrera had a cigar, Pedro was dancing, Ortiz was holding a "Who's Your Papi?" shirt. Manny wasn't yet holding the Jeter sign, though. We saw Remy, but no other announcer friends. The one negative was that some players would be on the other side of their duck boat from where we were standing. But we still got to see almost everybody. Hopefully, if technology allows, I will post some screen shots from the video I took. But don't hold your breath. It was such a great day. All Red Sox hats as far as the eye could see. And back home, almost no yankee hats. And people who are wearing them look straight at the ground. The yankee windshield and bumper stickers are great, because those people can't hide. Also, all train rides were free!

Isn't it great to get all the green lights for a change?

"Every Red Sox fan from now on can walk into Yankee Stadium with their head high." --Jason Varitek

[Terrible job by the dude on the rooftop yelling for girls to show their breasts. And great job by the girls who held up a sign that said "Shut Up." Funny how these cretin boys always do their thing from far away, and in large crowds, where they can easily run and hide if necessary.]


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