Saturday, September 18, 2004


It was a playoff atmosphere at the Stadium last night. Lots of Sox fans, and lots of loud, obnoxious, scared yankee fans. How sweet is it that we keep beating the great Mariano?

Yesterday, before the series started, Kay was admitting that the yanks are in trouble, but his big argument for why the yanks are better than the Sox is that they've got a lead, and even the "most lunatic Red Sox fan" would rather be up three games than down three games. Well I guess I could be considered a lunatic Sox fan, but I've got plenty of common sense. So I know that it's actually better to be the team that's surging ahead in a race, than the team that is limping, despite still having a slight lead. In some cases, sure, I'd sign up for the slight edge. But right now, we're right where we want to be. All the pressure's on them. And they've already succumbed to it in game one. Terrible job, Kay.

Kay also responded to Johnny Damon's comments by saying, "Before he says anything, he should look in the mirror." This was accompanied by cuckoo clock noises in the background. Michael Kay is a weak, weak piece of dirt. To just dismiss someone because of the way they choose to look in this so-called "land of the free" is ridiculous. Go back to first grade, Kay.

I'm so glad I was raised to respect people regardless of the personal choices they make, as long as they're not hurting anyone. And to stand up for originality and individualism.

I've been saying this my whole life, but I wonder now more than ever: How can anyone root for the yankees? After seeing those despicable fans last night (not all, but a lot--I love the rivalry, and being able to shake hand with the "good" yankee fans after a great ballgame), and the whole conformist attitude, and that unlimited, unfair cash supply, I just don't see the fun in rooting for them.

Great call by Sterling on the Manny catch last night: "..and it's gooooone, home run!'s caught by Manny Ramirez!"



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