Monday, September 27, 2004

A Shot Of H2O

As is the new tradition, I have just taken my shot of water to celebrate the Sox officially making the playoffs. I don't drink, so last year at the bar for the crazy '03 Wild Card celebration, a few Sox fans took celebratory shots of their favorite beverage, so I joined in with a nice water shot. This year, with everything being more subdued, and with my sights still set on the division, I was home listening to the radio. And I used the little cup on top of the cough syrup to take my shot. God, I'm lame.

Then Pat called, from the same bar we were at last year, and the subject of "Will Jere drink alcohol when the Red Sox win the World Series?" came up. Well, we'll just have to see about that. I mean what other occasion would call for me to do something that I've never done before? (Not including a sip of Miller High Life at age three, and some sips of champagne a long time ago at various toasts, but I don't even do that any more, so at weddings, my fiance gets to have her champagne and mine. Again, I'm completely lame.)

Maybe I'll smoke a cigar with Luis Tiant if they win it all. You gotta figure he'd be milling around in the celebration. I could try to find him.

But that's getting waaay ahead of ourselves.

Damon's HR was key tonight. I'd been waiting for him to do something good since I had a dream about him the other night. I was talking to him in the bleachers, and he was really nice. I tried to take a picture of him and I with a weird binoculars-looking camera device. It didn't work, so I just decided to take a poicture of just Johhny. I asked, "Do you mind if I take your picture." And surprisingly he said, "Yeah." I asked, "Like, yes you do mind?" He repeated, "Yeah." So I walked away, and started looking for my shoes. (Which I'd lost earlier.)

You know what else was key? Kasmir getting ejected. He seemed to have our, you know, number again tonight.

Magic number is 9. Wow, from 163 to single digits. 3 back, 6 to play. It could be fun this week. Especially if the Twins can come through in game one tomorrow. We'll be able to tell if they're gonna show up this week. They may not, since they've already clinched the central. But I'm thinkin' they're goin' in to the Stadium tryin' to show the yanks that they better watch out if they face each other in the playoffs. I almost want to go down to the Stadium this week and do some live anti-yankee rooting.


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