Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Rare Mid-Game Update

The stupid radio station Michael Kay is on is calling next month "Kay-tober." They're killin' me here. It involves some contest where winners go to Puerto Rico with the Backwards Kay himself. I should try to win, and act like I'm his biggest fan, until we get to Puerto Rico, at which time I reveal my true self, and make his time in the Carribbean a living hell, to give him a taste of what he does to me.

I'm watching the Sox on Yahoo Game Channel, which refreshes every thirty seconds. I've also got the radio on, but it's all static. It's just horrible. I'm really pissed at Lowe. The guy can't shut down the D-Friggin'-Rays? Fortunately, we've come back to make it 7-6, but it seems far from over.

How key is it that the yanks have to play two tomorrow? I like how these hurricanes keep messing with the yanks, like the gods are really rooting against them or something.


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