Friday, September 24, 2004

Oy (Again)

The yanks just know what it takes to get it done. Just pay off the right umpires at the right time, and you can almost guarantee victory.

That A-Rod slide in to third base, man, the ball beat him. That gets you the call 99% of the time. Then Rod-boy tries to do a trick slide, still gets tagged out, and for some reason, the umpire just "decides" that he's safe. And then later at third, another bad call on that Sierra play. And you'd think they would have called Millar safe on the play at second where he was a lot less out than A-Rod was, but it wasn't to be.

The Yes announcers, in their ongoing quest to make Sheffield the MVP, acted like he did something good on that bloop hit. That is, until Girardi finally admitted that all he was trying to do was hit a home run.

Speaking of that, the other day, someone called Kay's radio show, and asked why Sheffield didn't dive for a ball a few days ago. Kay said, "He's injured, he can't be divin' for balls." Real valuable.

With two outs in the ninth, suddenly Yes lost their feed, and weird stuff was going on with it. Fortunately I threw Castiglione on the radio, and the picture came back after two pitches. So at least I got to hear his call instead of Kay's for the end of the game.

Despite all the great defense, we're still making mistakes. Like Trot throwing the ball in, and, well, Yes never showed the play again, because they had already committed to doing a "Pitch by Pitch" after that play happened, but a runner moved up, as the ball got away. I was ready to disown Timlin on that pitch that got away, after he walked the number nine hitter with two outs, but fortunately they got the runner at the plate.

Frustrating game. I'm done talkin' about it.

Going up tomorrow for game two for the last game of my 10-game plan (except for an ALDS game). We need a win.

Oh c'mon now.

You're reduced to making excuses for why the Sox lost like "Payin off umpires"? There's no dount A-Rod was out, and it was a bad call, but please don't try to make excuses like that, it's kinda sad to see.

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